There was a big flurry of news about Tammy Nelson, of course, first when she vanished right before a major trial, and then when it was discovered that she wasn't licensed to practice law, and then again when it was discovered that no such person had ever existed. It faded out after that, though, since there were no further developments.

Of course, her "vanishing" consisted of cutting her hair, dying it back to its natural black, taking back her real name and moving into Sam's apartment.

Tammy's disappearance and the other revelations focused a good deal of attention on Perry, her "brother," but his publisher said he had left the country. He had gone to Bellona, the announcement said, to write a book about the war there. Jan Sleet commented that a man must really hate publicity if he was willing to go to a war zone to avoid it.

To this day, Jan Sleet has never given any indication that she's ever wondered why she and Alexandra Ross look enough alike to be mother and daughter. But I do know that they have started to correspond from time to time. And those letters my employer types herself, and she seals the envelopes before she gives them to me to mail.

She just told me to book two seats on the first available flight to Italy, and she won't tell me any more than that. I do know that she's been in touch with a geneological society specializing in Italian families. The envelopes from them always come addressed to "Janice Stiglianese," so I'm sure it's her own family she's investigating.

I have to go pack now. I'm looking forward to meeting her father.